Labradorite Crystal Pipe

While this pipe doesn’t have any fancy cooling system, or nifty upgrades and attachments, it remains whatever the opposite of an eyesore is. It’s a gorgeous, handcrafted-to-order ornament made from Labradorite.

Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes your imagination, bringing in new ideas. It is a wonderful tool for bringing joy and spontaneity back into your life. It eliminates the emotional drain of daily routine or being weighed down by responsibility and awakens a sense of adventure and change. 

While this pipe might be pure novelty, even though it smokes well, cleans easy and doesn’t accumulate gunk as fast as glass; we can’t deny that it’s one of the most beautiful and tastefully designed pipes we’ve ever laid eyes on. The bowl is a small, thimble-shaped filter which sits snugly inside the carved bowl in the pipe, making it super easy to pack, empty and clean.

What makes these pipes especially unique is that yours is one of a kind – they’re not mass produced, and they’re made from mineral rock which has been sitting in the earth for thousands of years. We think that’s pretty cool. In addition the whole thing can simply be left to soak in rubbing alcohol to clean it.

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