Leaf Automatic Home Grow System

Most of the gadgets on this list are fun little weed-related toys. The Leaf “plug-n-plant” grow system, though, is a bit more serious. For $3,000 you can start your very own grow operation in a 4-by-2-foot box. The automated Leaf box functions as a miniature grow house, where you can fit two plants to yield four to five ounces of bud. The box contains an autonomous climate control system and an automatic nutrient dosing system, so you don’t even have to tend to the plants yourself — just throw ’em in and wait.

The BIOS 200W LED system ensures that plants will receive the correct amount of “sunlight” each day, while a mounted HD camera allows you to view the plants’ progress at any point. There’s even a mobile app where you can source grow recipes from the community, in case you’d prefer a more hands-on approach. You don’t even have to use it for weed; this bad boy can grow tomatoes, wheatgrass, kale, or nearly any other crop that’ll fit in the box. It’s not exactly a cheap toy for 4/20, but it’s very, very cool.

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