Lightning Grinder

This heavy duty all aluminum 4 piece grinder is for serious smokers!

Featuring magnet top for tight closure, 4 piece, 3 chamber design with mesh screen for fine pollen filtering.

As a veteran stoner, who has been through many grinders, this one is definitely a good find.

The pollen catcher works wonderfully and collects kief like crazy. Its large size is allows for high quantity grinding, and the clear top is both aesthetic and functional. Very clean design.

Lots of sharp teeth, so it’s super easy and fast to grind. Feels great, very sturdy, and looks awesome.

We love that you can see what your grinding through the glass top, so you don’t have to check if its ground down enough and risk spilling it.

Came with maintenance tools/cleaners, which was a nice surprise. Hands down one of the best grinders we’ve ever seen/used.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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