Little Piggy Pipe

This Little Piggy Hand Pipe went to the market, but probably stopped at the dispensary first!

This porky spoon from LA Pipes is glass fed and hand blown under the sunny sky of California resulting in a purebred beauty that’s sure to be the blue ribbon wearer in your glass collection.

If three harmonically gifted field mice with no respect for personal space have taught us anything it’s that “pig’s are friends, not food” and this little piggy is a friend with weed… which the band Orgy tells us is even better!

This is the only real Mini Pig you’re going to find on the internet, with floppy glass ears and pointy little glass hooves, this little piggy can even stand on its hind legs.

A mouthpiece hides on the back of the piggy’s head, with a side carb on his right pork loin and a deep bowl that indicates this pig is a pot belly! This pipe is sturdy with rather thick walls and even though they aren’t made of hay the pipe is still made of glass so be wary around your more clumsy, hamfisted friends.

I could go on for days with these piggy puns but I’m sure you get the oink by now, grab a Little Piggy Hand Pipe and start huffin’ and puffin’ your dry herbs.

That’ll do little pig, that’ll do.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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