Lollipipe: The Original Edible Candy Pipe


There’s nothing sweeter than smoking out of the Lollipipe. The Lollipipe Candy Pipe is a fully edible tobacco smoking pipe.

Want a tasty touch the next time you light your pipe up? Well the Lollipipe is the one and only 100% edible pipe that adds fruity flavor and taste to your favorite smoke.

Lollipipe is reusable and comes with a cigar band so it will not become sticky while in use. Smoke out of it and then eat it.

It comes in 4 Fun and Tasty flavors that will make smoking tobacco an unforgettable event. This pipe comes with a reusable pouch for multiple use, it can be used every day.

The Lollipipe Candy Pipe is perfect for concerts, going to the beach, or just relaxing on the couch watching your favorite programs.

This cool edible spoon pipe is made completely out of candy. It’s completely flame-proof and comes with a plastic stem to make smoking easier and less messy.

Eating the evidence just got a little tastier. This pack includes includes one of each flavor: Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Green Apple

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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