Macdizzle Mini Beaker Rig

This gorgeous 8″ tall limited edition beaker rig is the result of a collaboration between MacDizzle420 and Empire Glassworks. 

This rig may only be 8″ tall,  but this little beauty packs a punch. Use it for both herbs or dabs, as this mini beaker includes two sets of accessories. Each rig includes a matching limited edition MacDizzle X Empire 14mm Bowl AND a quartz banger nail. 

Constructed in the USA using heavy walled, 7mm glass, this beaker rig is built to last. Designed by Mackenzie herself, this limited edition dab rig primarily features a hand blown, multicolor, rainbow leaf affixed to the neck above her handle, and “Macdizzle420” etched into the glass. 

While the leaf is beautiful, the more subtle details on this custom glass bong are not to be overlooked. From the flame polished, multi hole diffused, fixed downstem all the way up to the Wisteria colored glass lip, this dab rig is hand blown to perfection by the finest glass artisans in California.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice the ice pinch tips feature color glass accents to match the mouthpiece. Similarly, the showerhead perc also features matching wisteria accents. 

As it is hand made, each piece of this limited edition production is completely unique and may vary every so slightly. 

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