Mad Scientist Rolling Tray

We are mad for this awesome rolling tray by G-Rollz. The Amsterdam Mad Scientist Rolling Tray is made from durable, high-quality metal, so it’s made to last a long time.

The tray’s front features the mad scientist holding a mushroom in one hand and a joint in the other. In contrast, the back of the tray has a beautiful golden color. You can find a QR code on the back, which you can scan to verify the authenticity.

The tray has a non-stick rolling surface and has rounded edges to prevent herb and tobacco from building up in the corners.

It is available in two sizes: small (14 cm x 18 cm / 5.5 inches x 7.1 inches) and medium (27.5 cm x 17.5 cm / 10.8 inches x 6.9 inches).

The small tray is great to put in a purse or backpack to take with you, and the medium is great to enjoy at home.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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