Making Cannabis Gummies

I made my third batch ever of canna-gummies this weekend. I previously have not had a ton of cannabis experience, although many years ago I had a cookie that floored me because I didn’t know what I was doing and ate the whole thing. Well, that experience was nothing compared to the mistake I made this weekend.

I wanted to use up the remainder of my canna-coconut oil, so I decided to make my third batch of quarantine gummies. I’m getting better at it every time, and these are (if I do say so myself) quite awesome with just the right texture and moisture content (after being dried). They work out to about 10mg each, give or take a few mgs. Well, I became overconfident because last time I ate some scraps off the whisk and pot and just felt good. This time I did the same, but I guess I had a bit more scraps.

Well, let me tell you – I’m pretty sure I invented the flux capacitor, then my brain exploded, and I definitely killed some portion of it. That was unreal, not pleasant at all, and a mistake I shouldn’t have made since I know better. Be careful when cooking! Don’t be a dummy like me!

I found this video in this awesome Facebook cannabis cooking group called “We Bake High” and used a slightly modified version of this recipe to get my texture just right:

I don’t use soda. I use fruit juice instead. I don’t ‘reduce’ any, I just mix fruit juice with corn syrup, heat to nearly soft-ball stage and then let it start to cool. (mixing the entire time)

I also bloom the gelatin and jello-mix with cold fruit juice, to this I add lecithin, potassium sorbate, and citric acid.

When the candy mixture is cooled to less than 200 F, I add in my infused coconut oil and continue to stir. When it cools to 170 F, I add in the bloomed gelatin mixture, and usually at this point I have to slowly bring it back up to just less than 170 F. I stir and stir and stir until it is fully liquid and completely mixed.

I then add the mix to a chef’s squeeze bottle and squeeze out into my (NOT OILED) molds. (I found that oiled molds made the gummies quite gooey and I don’t have trouble removing them with no oil)

Place in fridge for 2 hours+. Then remove, place on some parchment paper and let them air dry with a fan blowing over them for 2 days or so.

When the outside is no longer sticky and the consistency feels right, I very lightly coat with powdered sugar and cornstarch mix to prevent them from sticking together in bags. I then put them in heat-sealed bags and place in the fridge for future use.

I have hundreds now and some will probably go bad before I can use them all. I typically only take 2-3 at a time. They are approximately 10mg based on the online calculator I used, but I don’t really know the THC % of the flower I used, so it’s mostly just an educated guess.

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