Martian Glass Bubbler

This piece will transform the way you enjoy hand-rolled papers forever. The Martian Bubbler is a super compact bong for use with papers and wraps; simply fit your papers into it an enjoy smooth, water-cooled hits!

We’ve seen a huge amount of demand for the Martian Bubbler for wraps, and with good reason. It will change the way you smoke wraps and papers forever. It uses an innovative waterpipe-inspired design to cool your hits and allow you to enjoy your wraps as with the same smooth ease of a bong hit.

Wraps and papes are probably the most popular way to enjoy dry product, the majority of smokers have no doubt partaken of a toke or two, and the majority probably experienced their formative smoking experiences. However this is one of the harshest ways to enjoy your dry product, and coughing fits are common enough. If only there were someway to cool down these hits.

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