Mike Luna Glass

Glass blower and artist, Mike Luna, has risen to fame for his amazing pieces of functioning art.

Creating a range of animals, from elephants to dragons, that all still act as a functioning rig. These artworks are amazing pieces made from borosilicate glass and have now inspired thousands of glassblowers all over the world.

Michael Luna was born in Torrence, CA in 1978. Raised in Santa Fe Springs CA up until he was 15, then he moved to O’brien Oregon to start High School at Illinois Valley High.

After high school in 1996 he moved back to Los Angeles where he worked in automotive retail. By this time his older brother (Chris) had already started his journey of glassblowing.

He would tell Mike on the phone how cool it was! So fast forward to 1999 when he got a phone call from Chris and he said “hey bro, wanna job”, Mike dropped mhis whole life and moved back to Oregon.

He worked in a production shop ran by a guy named Gilbert Velosco (still friends till this day) throughout the time he was there he made friends with a soon to be legend, Darby Holm. Darby took him under his wing and started to apprentice me in about 2000. Learning under Darby changed his life! He and the Holms are like family to Mike.

Mike is still in Oregon constantly learning and trying different things with glass.

You can check out his amazing work and catch him on Instagram 👇

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