Milky Pink Bubbler with Pre-Cooler

Glasscity has released a limited edition collection of high-quality glass smoke gear, designed and developed by Grasscity. The Glasscity limited edition collection is the perfect combination of quality, durability and reliability and all of that for a very affordable price. They will only be available for a short period, so don’t hesitate too long and grab yours while you can.

The Glasscity Limited Edition Bubbler with Pre-Cooler is part of this amazing collection and for a reason. Its compact design is made from premium quality, flame polished borosilicate glass and is equipped with everything you need for a perfectly smooth smoking experience.

This stylish bubbler is equipped with a fixed slitted diffuser downstem that delivers lots of bubbly action, but before the smoke even reaches the bubbler it has its first round of filtration in the included pre-cooler. The pre-cooler is also equipped with a fixed slitted diffuser downstem. So you get double the amount of bubbles for your buck with this portable piece.

Another great thing about using a pre-cooler, is that it keeps ash and debris away from the water from the bubbler, which leaves the bubbler water cleaner for a longer period of time, so you don’t have to refresh it in between every smoke session.

Both the bubbler, as well as the pre-cooler are equipped with a 14.5mm female, Dewar-style joint. Included with your purchase is a male glass herb bowl with built-in screen and handle, for easy lifting. Milky pink accents on the mouthpiece, diffuser downstems and mouthpiece give this piece popping appearance.

The opaque milky pink mouthpiece is angled backwards, which allows you to use it in a more relaxing position. So all you need to do is get comfy, light up and enjoy the silky smooth hits that this portable bubbler has to offer.

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