Mini Baseball Bat Bong

This 10.5″ tall mini baseball bat bong wont hit dingers but it will give you quality hits. The latest in Bougie glass, this little bong has all the great qualities provided by Bougie and more! With a wide and thick base for balance, an even smaller baseball in as its percolator, and its wide mouth piece all combine to give this bong a quality and unique look.

The mini baseball bat bong is made of thick borosilicate glass, which not only makes this piece durable, but the clear glass gives you front row seats to the second best show on the planet, behind baseball of course. The mini baseball percolator contains slits that effectively filter and give you the best possible hits. The wide mouthpiece allows you to fully take a hit while the grip allows you to have a good hold on the bong, preventing it from ever falling over. One hit of this bong makes all the other bongs look like bush league. Change your set up and pick up a mini baseball bat bong today!

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