Minion Silicone Pipe

Based on a Gru story, the Minion Silicone Pipe is 4 inches of fun.

The high quality silicone makes this piece practically shatterproof. 

Most silicone pipes come with a glass bowl insert, but this pipe comes with an upgraded glass filter bowl. Featuring many small holes at the bottom to stop ash from falling and interfering with the drawn smoke, this bowl is deeper than its plain counterpart and allows you to get the most out of any material you burn inside.

Show off your unique style with this expertly detailed Silicone Minion Hand Pipe. Coming in at 4″ long, this pipe looks like it jumped straight out of a movie.

It features a yellow body with blue overalls, and an eye piece that is replaced with a glass filter bowl.

👉 You can grab one now by clickin the “I want one!” button.

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