My Bud Vase “Phoebe” Water Pipe

With its quirky and beautiful yellow porcelain body, the Phoebe Water Pipe from My Bud Vase will be the highlight any rooms decor.

The worked white flower accents on the side of the beaker base match the included faux flower poker tool, complete with decorative rhinestones that provide just the right amount of sparkle.

This poker tool can be conveniently used to clean out the included bowl slide & rubber grommet with the pointed end at the base.

When not in use, the Rachel Water Pipe can be disguised as a stunning flower vase by simply removing the bowl, inserting the included faux flowers into the flared mouthpiece, and rotating the vase to hide the rubber grommet!

The My Bud Vase Phoebe Water Pipe contains a fixed diffuser downstem attached to the rubber grommet joint. This downstem works to effectively filter your smoke through water within the beaker base and cool down your smoke. The included pull-stem bowl piece comes with a handle for easy removal and the clear glass slide fits perfectly into the rubber grommet female joint.

The My Bud Vase Phoebe Water Pipe measures 6” inches tall and is made from high quality porcelain just like any other high-end flower vase. The Phoebe bong from My Bud Vase is guaranteed to brighten your day and any room you decide to keep her in. 

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