Peach Pipe

This super efficient little piece isn’t shaped like a traditional glass pipe, which means you can hide it in plain site or keep it away from nosy prying eyes and conceal it in a bag, purse or pocket.

Just because this piece is short, doesn’t mean it won’t pack deep. Unlike tiny little one hitters, this piece can pack enough herb for communal sharing between friends.

Although it lacks a traditional pipe stem, it doesn’t lack in stability. The bottom of the bowl has that perfect peach indentation, which serves to keep the pipe stable on a table or other flat surface.

This thing looks good enough to eat! Expert glass blowers have created a pleasing peachy glass coloring and added a tiny green leaf detail on top and the peach like valley indentation on the bottom.

There are few things in life we hate more than broken glass. That’s why we hand blow borosilicate glass that’s thick enough to be strong, but still lightweight and easy to use.

Here at Everything for 420 we ship your new piece from sunny Los Angeles in sturdy yet discrete glass safe packaging to ensure safe arrival.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one now!” button.

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