Phaedhaus Infuse Bong

You probably think they’ve figured out every new way to make smoking exciting, right?

There’s nothing else they could do at all to add anything new. Nothing at all. The leaves get hot, and then they go in the hole. Whoop dee doodle doopers.

Every day you smoke hoping something changes. You hold your breath so hard you turn purple and see the face of your Grandmother, thinking maybe it will hit different. You smoke out of potato, just to see what happens (nothing). Every day is the same. Smoking used to be what helped, but now, even that’s just the same old same old.

What’s that I hear? MARACAS? SALSA MUSIC? A BUSTY WOMAN? Oh, wait, that’s just your mom vacuuming. BUT WAIT. It’s here. Life! Fun! A shockwave of color into the dull monochrome of your gray life. 

The Phaedhaus isn’t just any bong. It’s a bong with a two-part chamber, allowing you to infuse your hits with any* natural ingredients under the sun. We’re talking oranges. Lemons. Watermelons. Apples. Cinnamon. Ginger. Pineapple. Anything you can dream, you can infuse. 

Imagine smoking an apple pie. Now you literally can. That’s not even a joke. 

The 10.5″ piece is separated into two easy to clean chambers with an included custom design 14.5mm male bowl.

* Please don’t use alcohol in your infusions! Beer, wine, liquor–they’re all considered to be harmful when smoked.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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