Pineapple Express Inhaler

Fairwinds Inhaler stands high on the list for product innovations of the year. The Fairwinds Inhaler offers an easy to use experience. Also, it actually comes in strain specific varieties. We tested the Pineapple Express which is ideal. I am a fan of the strain going way back. (Even before the movie).

Not terribly familiar with inhalers. We are not prone to allergies and don’t have asthma. But, luckily figuring out how to set the canister up was simple. We like that there is a cap included. Not sure it is absolutely necessary, but if it keeps the cat hair out then all good. No one likes to hack up a hair ball from a dirty inhaler I am guessing.

The “hit” on the Fairwinds Inhaler

The first hit is unexpected. We didn’t anticipate there would actually be a flavor essence. However, there is a nice terpy quality to it that is not unpleasant. So, it actually does offer a “hit” in the flavor sense.

How the inhaler works

But don’t expect huge clouds. In fact, don’t expect any clouds at all. This is similar but different from a typical vaping experience. That is because inhalers use lipids, which are soluble fatty particles to carry the THC, CBD, and terpenes. Lipids are used in all types of medical inhalers for a reason. They are highly soluble and pass easily through the body which is why even asthmatics can use inhalers that use lipids to transport the medications.

Marijuana is full of natural lipids and the lipids bond with the terpenes. Solvent extractions separate the lipids from the terpenes. In this case, lipids are reintroduced to carry the terps and rest of the pharmacopoeia of compounds. In cannabis, most times typical vape oils have had all the lipids removed.

Lipids are easily absorbed and processed and then excreted safely. An excellent method of ingestion!

Quick to take effect

One benefit we noticed immediately…

It works very quickly. The absorption is even quicker than sub-lingual topicals. Therefore, you feel it almost the moment you hit it. This has a downside though.

It exits quickly as well. If you are looking for a prolonged experience, then we would recommend edibles instead. But, if you want to have a moment that doesn’t require cancelling everything else that day, then it is perfect.

About the Fairwinds Inhaler

We recommend this product to anyone looking to get away from typical smoking or vaping experiences. Also, anyone wishing to avoid alcohol based tinctures will find it useful. It is a convenient product to travel with since it is small and discrete. You won’t draw attention using it either since there is no lingering smell. Just a pleasant hint of flavor left on the tongue!

You can grab these by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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