Pink Heart Bubbler

Heart Bubbler

These mini heart bubblers sit pretty around your house and are super fun to use!

The Heart Bubbler features an eye-catching combination of Amethyst Orchid and Rosewood Pink colored glass, and was built for adding a layer of moisture-conditioning to your favorite hand-rolled products.

The internal heart chamber filters each hit through water to provide smoother draws, while the pocket-friendly size allows you to celebrate your love on-the-go. 

The water in these pipes make hits from joints super smooth but without the dorm room vibe of a bong.

To use this piece, fill the heart shape with water. Place joint tip down into the side with the cone/straw.

Cover the carb on the top and inhale through the straw side. Enjoy 😉

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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