Portable Ray Gun Dab Rig

If you’ve learned anything from sci-fi, it’s that on your crazy adventures through the galaxy, you gotta have a ray gun. Luckily for you astro travelers and intergalactic heroes, the Portable Ray Gun dab rig will easily fit into the pockets of your favorite spacesuit or fleet uniform. So whether you’re getting lit with Leia, gettin’ silly with Spock, or gettin’ roasted with Captain Reynolds, get ready to make best buds with folks from all across the universe.

But this little pistol does more than just look cool; the thermal quartz banger helps you control the temperature and airflow of vapors, while the UFO perc filters and cools vapors so that you get a comfy ride as you become an Unidentified Flying Object yourself. So whether you’re hoping for a head-exploding blast or more of a “Pew! Pew! Pew!” experience, get ready to rocket into outer space with the Portable Ray Gun Dab Rig.

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