Pulsar Hearts Lava Lamp Dab Rig

Lava Lamp Dab Rig
The next love of your life! This lava lamp dab rig features a stylized central pillar decorated with colorful hearts.

Let the groovy vibes flow at your next sesh with this cool retro-inspired Lava Lamp Bong. Made of clear and green glass, featuring cute multi-colored 3D hearts “floating” inside. It’s a bong built to spread peace and love.

Pulsar Lava Lamp Dab Rig

These Pulsar Hearts dab rig stands 9 inches tall and feature a lava lamp style colour patterning and shape.

These Take a blast into the past with this groovy Lava Lamp dab rig by Pulsar, filled with heart-shaped glass “lava” bubbles and complete with a color tinted base and top. 

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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