Purple Urkel Rolling Tray

The rolling process is made simple with the ease of this iconic tray.

With a classic character and an uber functional design, this tray is styled for your ideal use. Fans of Steve Urkel will find themselves asking, “Did I do that?” after smoking a blunt rolled up on the purple tray!

Metal rolling trays are a necessary tool to complete any stoner’s collection. They simplify the blunt and joint-rolling process by providing a flat, firm surface to place dry flower, papers, and filters. What’s better than a metal rolling tray?

A rolling tray featuring a classic 90’s sitcom character! Enjoy the best joints and blunts on the go and at home with the portability and modern design.

It features rolled edges and raised sides to keep dry herb safely in place on the dish. The compact tray is 7- by 5.5-inches, so it slips safely into any travel case or pocket.

Kill Your Culture offers stoners a unique, brightly colored chance to roll the perfect joint every time. Find this affordable rolling tray for a great deal at our online head shop!

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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