Quartz Honey Bucket

Quartz Honey Bucket
Quartz Honey Bucket

This nail with dome is ingenious. The dome can burn flower, and the bucket is where you are going to heat up your concentrates.

You may be asking yourself at this very second: “What do I smoke first?” The answer to that question is quite simple: both… AT THE SAME TIME! Yeah, I know: mind blown.

Here’s how it works: place flower in the dome. Then heat up the bucket. Once the bucket is nice and toasty, use the swivel arm to place it back in the dome so that it’s touching the flower–the heat from the bottom of the bucket will burn the flower.

You can then place concentrates into the heated bucket which, while it burns your flower, is also going to heat up your concentrates all in one go. This piece is a twofer: it allows the user to blaze and dab at the same time–two for the price of one. 

Known as the “honey bucket”, it’s a great way to maximize your dabs. Attached to a swivel arm, the banger-style cup is made of solid quartz and can withstand high temperatures. Quartz nails provide flavor with fortitude and will always bring out the best flavor for all your dabs.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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