RAW 2 Foot Challenge Cone

The Supernatural cone from Raw was, for a while, the biggest cone they made. Not any more..

The Raw Challenge cone now holds that honour and is one of the most ridiculously over sized joints we’ve ever seen, but boy is it fun to smoke! With the original Supernatural coming in at a fairly chunky 12 inches long, they had to make sure they were going to make an impact with the new Challenge cone, which meant stretching it out to the insane 24 inches it ended up at. 

Like all their cones, this is made from Raw Classic unbleached paper, which means you can already tell it will smoke cleanly and evenly all the way down. Each ones comes with it’s roach already rolled and installed and also come with a packing rod to help you make sure it is packed as evenly and as tightly as possible. 

Do you accept the challange?

You can grab these now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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