Recycler Bubbler with Inline Diffuser

Glasscity has released a limited edition collection of high-quality glass smoke gear, designed and developed by Grasscity. The Glasscity limited edition collection is the perfect combination of quality, durability and reliability and all of that for a very affordable price. They will only be available for a short period, so don’t hesitate too long and grab yours while you can.

The Glasscity Limited Edition Recycler Bubbler with Inline Diffuser, with sweet honey theme, is part of this amazing collection. Its compact design is made from premium quality, flame polished borosilicate glass and is equipped with everything you need for a optimal smoking experience, and more.

As you pull, the smoke travels downwards through the reinforced fixed downstem, where it encounters the slitted inline diffuser. The inline diffuser features four slits that split up the smoke into smaller particles, which not only creates a bubbly spectacle, but also filters and softens it, for that perfectly gentle hit.

As it moves upwards though one of the recycler tubes, it reaches the top chamber, from there the smoke gets pulled down again by the second recycler tube that features a conical-shaped top that swirls the smoke down again for another round of filtration. All of this is not only fascination to watch, but will lead to an ultimately smooth end result.

The stable round foot provides great stability and is adorned with a Glasscity limited edition decal, so you know you got the real deal. The back of this beautiful recycler bubbler is decorated with worked glass artwork that consist of a honey dripping dichroic marble with two honey bees resting next to it. Slyme accents through the bubbler really make it stand out in any glass collection.

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