Roast & Toast Ceramic Coffee Mug Pipe

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee paired with a wake & bake session to get your day started—so why not let this hybrid coffee mug hand pipe lend you a hand with a unique design that can do both!

The Roast & Toast Coffee Mug Pipe was engineered with a built-in hand pipe using a double-walled ceramic frame. A fixed flower bowl is located on the front of the mug for your dry herbs, and a built-in mouthpiece sits atop the mug’s handle. This nifty hand pipe even has an air carb on the side opposite the handle for full control over the size of each morning rip!

The Roast & Toast Coffee Mug Pipe features a standard 10oz volume cup for your coffee and is made of high quality ceramic that is microwave & dishwasher safe just like any other mug. Available in a variety of colors and designs, grab the original coffee pipe mug from Roast & Toast and always start your day the right way!

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