Rowll All In One Rolling Kit

You shouldn’t need 5 different tools, items and pieces of equipment to roll a nice J. Along with 32 papers per pack are 32 light cardboard filters to use at the end of your cigarettes. Rowll also uses eco-friendly products to create their paper, which is dope because it means they’re better for the planet than other rolling paper alternatives. And yes, there is an actual metal grinder strip built into the rolling paper dispenser. It features little sharp pyramids that you can roll your herb directly on to grind it down for better joints.

✔️ FILTERS INCLUDED – Ready to Use

✔️ ECO FRIENDLY – Better for the Environment

✔️ BUILT IN GRINDER – Grind Strip

✔️ HOLD YOUR STASH – Holds Herbs Easily

✔️ MAGNET CLOSE – Stays Shut

The Rowll paper dispenser features some key folding to create a compact pocket so you can hold your herbs in the same container you get your papers from. You can even fold down the sides to create funnels to make rolling even easier. A small magnet on the flap ensures your Rowll paper dispenser won’t open up in your pocket, purse, bag or wherever you keep it.

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