Shaka Pipe All-in-One Brass Smoking Pipe w/ Stash Tube, Tar Trap and Torx poker

An all-in-one brass pipe re-engineered from the classic proto pipe.

The “bent poker” problem with the proto has been fixed with an easy-open bottom cover with provided hex wrench poker. It comes with a stash tube for herb storage and a poker to clean up the bowl.

The Shaka pipe is CNC machined brass with easy open top and bottom covers. A genuine Starline Brass .45 Calibre case is machined to cleverly lock onto the head bowl as the stash tube.

Use provided hex wrench poker to loosen the bottom cover to clean up the pipe, A beautifully designed drawstring canvas pouch is provided. You can also fit a small Bic lighter in it along with the pipe.

A perfect all-in-one and unbreakable pipe for concert goers, beachcombers, and couch surfers. It’s just so neat and so convenient.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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