Skunk Urban Smell Proof Backpack

Skunk Urban Smellproof Lockable Backpack
This smell proof backpack will hold all your needs for a hike through the mountains or through the city with a stylish design and plenty of space to hold all your adventuring gear and a locking zipper to give you peace of mind.

Skunk Bags use high-end patented active carbon technology and silver antibacterial linings. This lining neutralizes odors and traps harmful chemicals and gases in the pores of the material to provide a neutral smell zone.

The Skunk Urban backpack features excellent waterproof zippers that really help make this bag smell proof. Without good zippers, a great carbon lining doesn’t do much, but these are very effective. We also like the combination locks a lot.

One downside is that the handle on top and shoulder straps are not as sturdy as some other models—but this is also a lighter, slimmer urban style backpack, too. If you’re super hard on things or climbing over lava rocks constantly, maybe choose a more rugged option.

In use

This is a fun smell proof backpack to use. It has a stylish look and doesn’t stand out as too functional. You may have even chosen it just for looks.

There are two main compartments inside and secret zipper pockets on the inside walls of each. These are great discreet stash holders, and the convenient side pockets can hold your more basic stuff.

You can reset the combination lock whenever you want to, so, although it’s not as cool as the individual key from the Omerta, it’s still really secure and functional. Just use a needle or paper clip to push the little button and reset the lock.

Smell proof

The Skunk Urban backpack has a thermal lining and carbon filter, along with several protective layers that ensure the interiors and the contents stay safe from weather and spills. The backpack’s silver antibacterial lining and patented activated-carbon technology neutralize odors by trapping gases inside tiny pores.

It’s nice to know you can count on the smell free features even during wet weather, and the carbon filtration technology is effective enough to mask the smell of just about anything you’re stowing in there.

What sets it apart

If you want to look like a hipster and not a park ranger, the Skunk Urban is your smell proof backpack. It’s modern and urban vibe is  more for everyday use and not suggesting the Appalachian Trail.

Although, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t take it there! Skunk Urban is high quality and durable. The combination lock is covered by the velcro flap, and the rubber-backed nylon, resilient protective netting, and maximum strength carbon filter in the anti-smell interiors are all made to last.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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