Solar Spark Lighter

The solar lighter is about what it sounds like — it uses a shiny parabolic plate to condense solar power into a small point, which is enough to light paper, herbs, or, you know, the end of a joint on fire.

Think how rad this would be — you go out on a hike with friends, reach one of the most beautiful vistas you can find, and when it’s time to celebrate your trip with a smoke, you pull out this little parabolic glass, and light up with the power of the sun itself!

Super cool, because it’s science (and if you don’t think science is cool, well, you haven’t seen what’s possible with dab rigs lately. This little solar-powered lighter is available for just about $5 over on Amazon. Or if you want, you can spend a few bucks more and make an even bigger one. In fact, the same principles apply to the largest solar thermal station in the world, just outside Las Vegas. So cool!

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