Splash Bong

The artist behind this amazing piece is Greg Schlesinger but many call him Goose.

He is a glassblower/lampworker from SLC, UT. He got his first torch in 2012 and hasnt looked back since.

Wasn’t long before he gave up his corporate job and moved across the country to the Bay Area of California to study glass full time. He had the pleasure of meeting many amazing artisans while in Cali, and they gave him a great welcoming into the industry he now calls home.

After some great years in California his wife and he have moved back to his home town of Salt Lake City where he has opened his own studio and continues to pursue his artistic aspirations.

Goose believes the human consciousness connects us all, and the actions we take in this life echo through each other whether we want them to or not.

With that in mind he has chosen to devote his life to creating visual art in the hopes it makes a positive impact on the world around us. If each of his pieces can spark a conversation, or inspire someone to make a change, or even brings out a single smile it was all worth while.

You can check out his store here and Instagram account here.

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