Storm Trooper Gas Mask Bong

March your senses into battle with this detailed Storm Trooper Gas Mask! The mask is composed of strong ABS plastic, and behind it is a more conventional gas mask made of one giant glass visor with an air valve at the bottom where the included skull waterpipe can be fitted into. Watch as the mask fills with smoke, then breathe deep and take it all in!

The included waterpipe features a skull-shaped water chamber, stands 8 inches tall and includes a 10mm steel downstem and bowl. It could be used independently of the mask, but where’s the fun in that?

Great for parties or get-togethers, simply press the tube into place at the bottom of the mask, light it up, let the mask fill, and take a deep breath before passing it on.

Choose between a white or black trooper style. The included waterpipe comes in a random color including white, black, clear, red, and much more.

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