Sunflower Sherlock Hand Pipe

Bring a little sunshine into your life with the Empire Glassworks Sunflower Sherlock Hand Pipe.

This beautifully detailed glass pipe is individually handmade from thick thick borosilicate glass with custom blended, lifelike colors.

The Empire Glassworks Sunflower Sherlock measures a large 5.5” inches in length, and functions just as great as it looks when tabled. A deep dry herb bowl is surrounded by gorgeous yellow Sunflower petals while a left-side air carb just below the bowl gives you full mastery over the size of every hit.

The neck of the Sunflower Sherlock represents the stem of your flower, with worked glass leaves that give this hand pipe an easy & comfortable grip while doubling as a roll stop to keep your pipe upright when not in use.

Display your inner flower child today with the Empire Glassworks Sunflower Sherlock Hand Pipe!

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