Teal Glass Hammer Bubbler

Water filtration and a handheld device, this Hammer Bubbler from the Glasscity Limited Edition combines it both in a stylish and colorful design. It measures 16 cm / 6.3 inches in length and features decorative reversal pattern throughout the whole piece.

This handmade piece has been constructed from high quality, heat resistant, teal, borosilicate glass, is equipped with an open-end downstem and has a carb hole located on the left side of the bowl for extra control of your hits. The flat base provides important stability and the maria’s (pushed glass that results in a decorative bulges) on the stem provide excellent grip.

To use this portable bubbler, simply load the bowl, place your lips on the bulbous mouthpiece and fire it up for a filtered hit that’s full of flavor! Make sure to refresh the water regularly for optimal flavor preservation. The bubbler is easy to clean and use, which makes it the perfect choice for smokers who want a quality bubbler for everyday use.

This elegant Glasscity hammer bubbler with its colorful reversals and stylish teal glass will make a great addition to any glass collection. It will last for years if maintained correctly. Because each piece is handmade, the pattern might vary slightly from the pictures, but the overall design will be the same.

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