Tentacle Spoon Pipe

When life gives you tentacles, make hand pipes. The Tentacle Spoon Pipe will transport you to the seven seas with highly detailed suction cups, and a hook shape that feels great in your hands.

The Tentacle Spoon Pipe will keep all of the pirates in your smoking circle dreaming of land with its highly detailed design. The hook-shaped grey body of the Tentacle Spoon Pipe features a beautiful grey and black design. The white suction cups are positioned across the grey body of the spoon pipe, with the largest ones toward the front of the tentacle.

Even with its highly detailed design, the Tentacle Spoon Pipe will amaze everyone in your smoking circle with its outstanding function. The deep bowl is perfect for packing large amounts of dry herbs for all of your mateys. The carb hole, located on the left side of the pipe, can easily be covered and uncovered to control the flow of air when cornering. The mouthpiece, hidden discreetly in the curve of the tentacle, will allow you to inhale large amounts of smoke. Even with all hands on deck, you’ll enjoy great smoking sessions!

The Tentacle Spoon Pipe will also feel great in your hands. The hook shape creates a natural gripping point, with the white suction cups adding to the interesting texture. At 4.75”, this piece is perfect for smoking either on the go, or at home.

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