Terp Slurper

Terp Slurper

Keeping up with the newest innovations in dabbing and vaping products is something most stoners struggle with.

The terp slurper is a hot topic drawing massive attention as the latest addition in the dabbing products lineup. Cannabis consumers are regularly finding and trying new methods to get the most of the concentrate.

A terp slurper quartz banger can be a great addition to your dabbing routine as it reduces concentrate wastage and provides better flavor in every hit. But, all of this is only possible if you know how to buy, use and clean a terp slurper correctly.

Before diving into where you can buy a terp slurper, lets’ understand what a terp slurper is and how to use it as its unconventional design can be tricky to use even for seasoned dabbing enthusiasts.

Terp Slurper

What Is a Terp Slurper?

A terp slurper features a unique design, unlike other Quartz Bangers out in the market. It’s like a modified version of buckets, ensuring less wastage irrespective of the dab size consumed.

The primary difference that sets a terp slurper apart from a bucket is the middle section featuring an additional tube that leads down to an open tray in the bottom. It has small slits in the base.

Another distinctive aspect of a terp slurper is that its unique design lets you place a carb cap before adding the concentrate. A terp slurper is the ideal representation of a stoner innovation.

A terp slurper consists of the following components:

  • Top Section: This part is quite similar to a standard banger and well-known among dabbers.
  • Middle Section: This part is a cylinder that extends to the bottom and has holes for airflow.
  • Bottom Section: This section contains the dish and acts as a connector to the cylinder.

How does a Terp Slurper work?

As the newest addition to the dabbing paraphernalia, a terp slurper follows almost the same mechanism as other dabbing devices.  

When you drop the concentrate on the hot nail, the precision slits or holes at the base allow the air to create a vacuum that pushes the dab into the middle region, where it is slurped upwards in the cylindrical tube. The airflow holes make this slurping process more efficient.

Every bit of your concentrate is distributed evenly inside the hot cylindrical tube, ensuring that the glob is uniformly and constantly heated till it completely vaporizes.

The consistent temperature of the cylinder ensures that every drop is utilized without any wastage. This zero wastage allows you to get powerful hits by delivering maximum vapor.

Terp Slurper

How to heat and use a Terp Slurper?

Once you can get comfortable using a terp slurper, it will become your favorite banger for all your micro and large dabs.

Using a terp slurper for the first time may require some learning, but once you are well-versed with how much concentrate dose is suitable for the hits you prefer, you can use it anytime and get hits as large as you desire.

You’ll need some preparation and keep some items handy before using a terp slurper. These items include a Dab Rig, a Butane Torch, concentrates such as shatter or wax, and a Dab Tool.  

Follow these easy steps to enjoy your terp slurper banger:

Step 1: Heat the bottom of the dish using your torch for about 20-30 seconds.

Step 2: Wait for about 40-45 seconds for the piece to cool down. If you prefer a specific temperature you like to dab at, use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature accurately.

Step 3: Decide whether you need low, mid, or high temperatures. A low-temperature dab provides more flavors and has a more manageable potency level. Mid-level temperature offers increased flavors and potency levels. A high temperature creates tons of vapor and a super-potent experience.

Step 4: Put the cap after achieving the desired temperature and completely block the airflow.

Step 5: Dab your concentrate on the bottom dish and inhale to make the most of it.

Terp slurper dabs deliver more potency than you may need. If you’re using budder or wax with your terp slurper, start with small amounts using a dabbing tool and if you’re using shatter, use a small dose that fits on a standard quartz nail. 

You make some changes as per your preferences so that every hit gives you a superior experience. 

Cleaning and maintaining a Terp Slurper

Using a terp slurper will require some maintenance and a simple cleaning routine. The vapors from the dab contain a lot of residues that get stuck in the bucket.

If not cleaned regularly, the residue will turn the insides yellow and eventually turn black. Cleaning your terp slurper after every use is advisable to maintain it and enjoy the same flavors again. While using a terp slurper, don’t overheat it.

A terp slurper is designed to operate efficiently at lower temperatures, so overheating can cause stubborn burn marks and scars. Avoid putting hash oil on the red hot nail as it will burn and leave residues that become almost impossible to clean.

For cleaning a terp slurper, you will require Q-tips. The Q-tip can efficiently clean deep into the cylindrical parts and curves of the terp slurper. If clean-up with a Q-tip becomes difficult, soak it in isopropyl alcohol and salt for some time to make cleaning easier.  

Terp Slurper Accessories

As a dabber, once you’ve become accustomed to your terp slurper, it’s time to accessorize and chase new experiences. Check out some of these accessories to use with your terp slurper:

  • Terp Marble: These are some of the widely used terp slurper accessories that can kick off the fun while dabbing. The terp marbles are unique-sized glass marbles popped on and in your terp slurper banger to produce the more flavorful dabs.
  • Terp Pillar: The terp pillar is used to increase heat retention and vaporization rate. It evenly distributes the concentrate to avoid burning and reduces wastage.
  • Terp Pearl: Terp Pearls, also known as terp beads, are small balls made of quartz, borosilicate or other material. These are placed in the terp slurper to spin during the dab session and evenly distribute the concentrate for better hits and tastier flavor.
  • Terp Screw: The Terp Screw spins the concentrate and also prevents your dab from seeping down from the neck of the terp slurper.

Terp slurper is the latest hit in the market with a design that offers zero concentrate wastage. So are you ready to try out a terp slurper and experience hits like never before? Don’t forget to accessorize your terp slurper for flavorful hits.   

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What temp should I hit my Terp Slurper at?

It depends on your demand. If you prefer a better flavor, a low temperature of 500 – 650°F will be a perfect choice. If you want a super-potent experience and get tons of vapor, try the high temperature of 800 – 900°F. Don’t overheat the terp slurper, or you will ruining the taste of the concentrate.

2. How do I maintain a Terp Slurper?

Clean the terp slurper with an alcohol swab or q-tip after each use. 

3. Where do I heat a Terp Slurper?

Heat around the bottom of the dish and center tube for about 20 to 30 seconds. Wait about 30 to 40 seconds for the terp slurper to cool down.

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