The Amazing Incredibowl Pipe

Incredibowl Pipe

Out of Boulder, CO, Incredibowl Industries is the manufacturer of the award-winning products the Incredibowl i420 and m420, the smaller pocket-sized version of the incredible bowl.

These devices are part of the new era of smoking cannabis and engineered to provide you with one of the smoothest smoking experiences available. It’s like having a portable bong. The expansion chamber cools down the smoke and releasing the trigger pushes the velocity of smoke being inhaled.

Available in 10+ colors the Incredibowl smoking system comes in two sizes and they both pack a punch.

incredibowl products

How does Incredibowl work

Whether at home or on the go, these unbreakable polycarbonate devices provide one of the smoothest tastiest smoking experience possible.

Here is how the Incredibowl works. The smoke spirals through the sprout before reaching the expansion chamber, causing a cooling effect. You then clear the chamber by pulling the bowl quick trigger and it basically shotguns the smoke and cools it one last time before you inhale.

incredibowl diagram

Still not sure how to use the Incredibowl? Watch the video below to see how Incredibowl works.

Incredibowl Attachments and Accessories

You can upgrade the Incredibowl m420 with attachments like the Mycroft to switch the vertical orientation. It stands on its own and perfect for the individual who is not a fan of steamrollers.

incredibowl sherlock attachment

If you prefer smoking out of a water bong, the Redibowl attachment is designed to replace your bong’s bowl and also act as the perfect dry ash-catcher. Thanks to the screen within the m420, most materials will be blocked from entering the water.

incredibowl bowl attachment

For one-handed operation, the Incredibowl trigger upgrades your m420 device and enhances your smoke session with a tap of a finger.

incredibowl trigger upgrade

These add on items, replacement parts and expansion chamber for your Incredibowl i420 can be purchased on their upgrades section of their online store.

incredibowl expansion chamber

You can grab the Incredibowl now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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