The “ChillHit” – Freezable Mouthpiece Attachment

This ChillHit Mouthpiece is the most chill smoking accessory around right now, featuring a state-of-the-art design engineered to cool down your smoke from a multitude of smoking apparatuses. Whether it’s your bong, dab rig, vape, pre-rolled papers or even Hookah, the unique universal design of the ChillHit will meet all of your needs and surpass your expectations. The ChillHit slides comfortably into most water pipes and glass accessories with a 1” inch diameter neck or larger. 

Each ChillHit features a tempered glass coil that is surrounded by a glycerin-based cooling gel that won’t expand when frozen. Crafted with a silicone sleeve to ensure an airtight seal, the ChillHit attachment is designed to cool smoke for the entire duration of your sesh. The ChillHit is available in 6 bright neon colors and both rubbing alcohol & dishwasher safe making it extremely easy to keep clean.

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