The Nuggy Smokers Multi-Tool

The Nuggy is a 10-in-One, pocket friendly multi-tool designed specifically for smokers. This Swiss Army style smokers survival tool has everything a real connoisseur could possibly need to help with rolling, cutting, shredding, dabbing, scraping, poking and vaping all packed into one durable unit. The designers have managed to fit 10 must have spring-locking tools into this super compact pocket size device including: a knife, scissors, a roach clip, a tamper, a mini spoon, a herb bowl scraper, a bottle opener, a flat head screwdriver, a pointed pick and an LED flashlight that offer 8 hours of continues battery life. The batteries are included with your purchase.

The construction is solid and the Nuggy has a durable feel making it ideal for travel, camping, festival and general outdoor use. The tools are all made from stainless steel and the knife and scissors are sharp and reliable. The durable outer shell is made from a tough green plastic that is decorated with the Nuggy “N” logo in a silver finish. Weather you want to trim a bud, clean a bowl or search for that lost item under the sofa with a flash light, the Nuggy has you covered.

This portable 10-in-one pocket multi-tool ticks all the boxes, comes in a decorative box and makes a great gift for any serious smoker.

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