The Stündenglass Gravity Pipe

When Stundenglass sent Seth Rogen a prototype of their quintessential gravity bong in the making, the video went viral almost overnight.

Now you can finally own one of these bad boys for yourself. Completely innovating the gravity bong game, the Stundenglass Gravity Pipe has taken an age old method of smoking and turned it into a stunningly attractive and extremely efficient device.

No more water spillage or fumbling with exposed holes that lose your precious smoke–all of the water in the Stundenglass Pipe is contained within two globes that sit perched atop a sturdy metal base.

The Stundenglass Gravity Pipe features a super unique aesthetic with customizable parts and a simple to use design. The company set out to create perfect gravity bong that pushes smoke

out for you, rather than using a shared mouthpiece like every other glass pipe. The unique patent pending design requires no battery or motor, just a simple 180° rotation that uses gravity to light your materials.

Some materials such as shisha require coals to continue burning, so a partial turn will create the perfect amount of suction to keep your coals lit while providing consistently rich & smooth hookah hits.

Once you fill the Stundenglass chamber with smoke, rotate 180° again for a smooth flow of smoke that pours out the mouthpiece or hookah hose attachment. The potency & strength of your smoke depends on how far you decide to flip the unit over, using gravity to control the ignition of materials and output of smoke.

The special design of this gravity bong allows you to take as little or as much smoke as you want–unleash the true power of gravity for a full chamber of smoke, or pause it and share with friends by turning the chamber parallel to your tabletop.

The Stundenglass Gravity Pipe is great for solo use or equally well with large groups. This gravity bong was engineered to hold the perfect volume of smoke to allow for inhalation of the entire chamber if your up for it.

The versatile design effectively eliminates the need for sharing the same mouthpiece with multiple users, with no mouth to mouthpiece contact necessary whatsoever. No need to remove the bowl piece at any time either, another first of its kind.

The Stundenglass Gravity Pipe was built with durability in mind, made with anodized aircraft grade aluminum, surgical grade stainless steel, and high quality Teflon seals.

The pill-shaped globes smoothly flip in either direction without tangling the included accessories for a simple and easy to use pipe that will last you a lifetime. It will arrive completely ready to go including the clear glass globes & stand, a hookah bowl & tobacco bowl, mouthpiece attachment, hookah bowl adapter, coal tray, hookah hose adapter, and hookah hose.

Get your hands on one of these monster grav bongs and start smoking like your favorite stoner celeb Seth Rogen with the one & only Stundenglass Gravity Pipe!

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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