Triple Chamber Rasta Bubbler

What’s better than a bubbler? A TRIPLE bubbler that’s what! Be life of the party with this awesome 6” Triple Chamber Rasta Bubbler made from colored borosilicate glass.

🌿 RASTAFARI – Classic Rasta Flag Colors

⭐ TRIPLE DIFFUSION – Bigger Smoother Hits

🔴 UNIQUE SESH PIECE – Looks Incredible

🦁 GIANT HITS – Large Volume Bubbler


The Rasta Flag features three horizontal stripes of green, yellow and red. This bubbler pays homage to the flag with 3 bands of colored glass that wave along the top surface of this fantastic smoke piece.


The three chambers aren’t just for fun…each chamber helps filter your smoke or vapor so that your hits are smoother and more fresh by the time they reach your lungs.


Sure lots of people have bubblers, but not many people have TRIPLE bubblers. You and your friends will love sharing this awesome piece and filling each chamber up with thick big hits.


The increased volume means you can take bigger hits compared to a single chamber or double bubbler. It’s really that simple. When it comes to bubblers…more is better.

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