UFC’s Sean O’Malley Wants To Recreate Conor McGregor’s Whiskey Business With Marijuana

Business-savvy UFC fighter Sean O’Malley has some ideas on making big money like Conor McGregor.

During an interview on the Full Send Podcast, O’Malley says he wants to emulate McGregor’s whiskey business but with marijuana which he thinks can earn him $100 million if he finds the right people to partner up with.

“I think the big one, the one that’ll probably be the biggest, hasn’t happened yet. And that’s gonna be a strain, a certain strain, the ‘Sugar strain,’ and it’s getting into that business, like, we’ve tried it a couple times, but it’s tough. There’s a lot of things you’ve gotta figure out; laws, federal laws. The weed game’s tough. I think that’s definitely something I wanna get into. But you have to pick the right people, the right partners.

“I think that’s gonna be similar to the whiskey, Conor’s whiskey. I think that could be my fucking-my $100 million business. We’ve tried to (do it already) and it’s tough… I’m waiting for the right people to come around.”

In 2021 McGregor and his partners sold their stake in Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskey for $600 million.

I’m sure O’Malley would be happy if he could be 1/10th as successful as McGregor was with his whiskey business.

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