UV Turtle Dab Rig

This rig checks all the right boxes for an unrivaled smoking experience you won’t find anywhere else. UV-reactive illuminati glass? Check. Wide-toothed showerhead perc for a superior chug? Check. Giant radioactive sea turtle swimming along for the ride? Double check!

At a full 8 Inches tall, this hypnotic rig can’t be ignored, drawing you in with its beautiful details and faint green color. Once illuminated by UV light, it takes on another form by glowing brightly from top to bottom.

This rig looks great whether in the daylight or under black light, and is sure to impress with its functionality, too.

Great thought was put into every detail of this rig, making it a pleasure to use as well as look at.

A broad, heavy base keeps the piece well-balanced, while the angled, wide-lipped mouthpiece keeps you comfortable and dry. The aforementioned showerhead perc is also easy to clean and doesn’t clog like other percs.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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