V Syndicate Hamsa Grinder Card

The V Syndicate grinder card is a totally flat, credit-card-size grinder that fits in your wallet! Finger safe and versatile, you can grind your herb against the card, then use it to scoop up the smaller bits and drop them neatly into your bowl or rolling papers.

Made from medical grade stainless steel, this card is as durable and easy to clean as it is stealthy. Due to its stealthy and compact design it is perfect for parties, festivals or just when you are out and about.

The Hamsa Grinder Card grinder card by V Syndicate features a multicolored Hamsa, also known as: the hand of Fatima, design. Hamsa is believed to provide the owner defense against the evil eye. It has a cutout with a medium size grinding surface on the bottom of the card and comes delivered in a protective sleeve with a matching Hamsa design.

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