Vibrating Penis Torch Lighter

Hand this lighter to your friend for a hilarious reaction, and another when they flip it open and the lighter begins vibrating! All jokes aside: this lighter carries a large butane chamber to power its flame, leaving it to be an efficient and, ultimately, one of the best lighters you could own. The flame is fairly small, but can light any cigarette you put before it.

Wind-Proof Torch

There’s no need in this day and age to let your traditional flame lighters get blown out in the wind- why risk a flame when you can go with a torch! The single-flame torch burner on this lighter is low but strong, letting it burn for an extended period before you will need to refill the cartridge.

Refillable with your Favorite Butane

These torch lighters are designed to last you a lifetime! At the bottom is an easily accessible input socket for your favorite butane to refill the large-capacity chamber these torches house.

Drop-Resistant Silicone Cover

The entire body of this lighter is covered in a silicone sleeve, which will protect it from falls, scratches, and any other hits it might take. That also lends it some heat resistance, but hopefully your lighter won’t get too hot!

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