What The Duck Bong

Get all your ducks in a row with a bong that will make you say “What the Duck?” in the best way. This adorably small bong has a built-in downstem for easy transport, so you can make sure it follows you wherever you go. This bong may be little, but the classic beak-er bong shape creates the big potent hits you know and love. Meanwhile, the splash guard will prevent you from getting a mouth full of pond water.

  • Handblown heatsafe borosilicate glass
  • Female joint with bowl included
  • Small and portable bong
  • Lightweight at 6oz
  • 6.5” height
  • Splash guard
  • Beaker style bong

So whether you’re getting up at the quack of dawn to wake-and-bake, or smoothing your ruffled feathers after a long day, the What the Duck bong will be right behind you. Waddle you ever do without this bong?

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