Wood Grain Glass Pipe

Amp up your sophistication level with this vintage-inspired Manhattan Wood Grain Glass Pipe. Known for their unique designs and quality craftsmanship, Chameleon Glass has truly dropped some old school cool with this 6-inch glass beauty. Reminiscent of a pipe Winston Churchill might have smoke, this stunning piece features a deep dry herb bowl, a left hand side carb construction and the brand’s signature logo decal, connoting American made authenticity. The oversized Sherlock shape is masterfully crafted with a wood-grained effect looks more like wood than glass. It’s a minimal yet powerful aesthetic that will take you back to simpler times. So sit on the davenport, put some Benny Goodman on the hi fi and let your new wood grain glass pipe rip.

Note:  This item is custom made to order.  Please allow 2 weeks for creation and shipping.

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