Zoom Zoom Herb-O-Licious Bubble Base Bong

Are you a bit bored with the standard bubble base bong and looking for something with just a little more…pizazz? Look no further and check out the Herb-O-Licious by Zoom Zoom!

The Herb-O-Licious takes the classic bubble base bong and puts more of a, well, twist on it. The neck features a three point corkscrew bend, which helps with cooling the smoke before you inhale. The corkscrew neck also helps with preventing splashback, which nobody wants, because it ruins your whole smoking experience.

This exceptional bubble base bong stands at just 12 inches tall, so it’s compact enough to store when not in use, despite the unique shape of the neck. The Zoom Zoom decal is featured on the base of the bong. The Zipper by Zoom Zoom comes delivered with a slitted inside-cut 14.5mm > 10mm diffuser downstem and a 10mm herb bowl. The glass bowl has a similar color and twisted design as the bong itself, making for an all-around exhilarating smoking experience! Try one out and order yours today!

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