CBG for Muscle Recovery

Our Top 3 Choices for:
Muscle Pain Relief

With CBG

Each offers unique benefits:


*While this isn’t a health claim or an alternative to professional medical counsel, here are 3 products HoldMyBlunt believe could be beneficial for our readers.

1-Recovery Bundle

NuLeaf Naturals CBG + CBD
Recovery Bundle


Good for:

Pulled muscles
Muscle spasms

***Why I Like It:

We love the Relief & Recovery CBD Bundle from NuLeaf Naturals because it effectively relieves pain, reduces anxiety and depression, and provides targeted support for specific areas. 


These benefits, along with its holistic approach to wellness, make it a favored choice for us.

✔ Pain Relief: It may help alleviate muscle pain, aiding in quicker recovery post-exercise.

✔ Inflammation Reduction: The properties of CBD can assist in reducing inflammation, which is a common issue after intense workouts.

✔Relaxation and Comfort: The product can promote relaxation, contributing to overall muscle comfort and aiding in recovery processes.

  1. -May not be suitable for everyone, especially those sensitive to CBD products.
  2. -The effectiveness can vary from person to person.
  3. -Requires regular usage to see significant benefits.

2-CBG Capsules

Nuleaf Naturals Capsules


Good for:

Pain relief
Mood boost
Improve sleep

***Why We Like It:

We appreciate the Full Spectrum CBG Capsules from NuLeaf Naturals for their effectiveness in pain relief, especially for conditions like neuropathy.

The capsules also help in mood management, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. The convenience of the softgel form and the holistic health benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract add to its appeal. 

  1. Whole-Plant Extract: Contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes for holistic health benefits.
  2. Convenience: Easy-to-use softgel form for consistent dosing.
  3. Natural Ingredients: Made with full-spectrum organic hemp and natural ingredients.
  1. – May not suit those sensitive to CBG or hemp products.

  2. – Individual results can vary.

  3. – The price might be a consideration for some users.

3-Peppermint Tincture

Kind Oasis Peppermint CBG


Good for:

Bodily ease and comfort
Promotes relaxation

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***Why We Like It:

We like the Kind Oasis CBG Tincture – Daily Relief – Peppermint because it effectively provides relief from body discomfort and reduces inflammation


The tincture form makes it easy to use and adjust dosing as needed, and the peppermint flavor adds a pleasant taste.


Pain Relief: Effective in easing body discomfort.

✔ Anti-Inflammatory: Helps reduce inflammation.

✔ Relaxation: Promotes a sense of relaxation.

✔ Easy to Use: Tincture form allows for adjustable dosing.

✔ Pleasant Flavor: Refreshing peppermint taste.

  1. Individual Sensitivity: This may not suit everyone, especially those sensitive to CBG.

  2. Varying Effects: Effectiveness can differ from person to person.

  3. Cost: Price might be a consideration for some users.


Q1: What is CBG?
A1: Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, often referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids.”

Q2: How does CBG help with muscle recovery?
A2: CBG may help in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation and alleviating pain, which can speed up the healing process after intense physical activity.

Q3: Is CBG similar to CBD in terms of muscle benefits?
A3: CBG is similar to CBD in some ways, such as pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, but it has its unique effects and benefits.

Q4: Can CBG help with muscle spasms?
A4: CBG has potential to help with muscle spasms due to its muscle relaxant and nerve-protective properties.

Q5: Is CBG safe for athletes?
A5: CBG is generally considered safe; however, athletes should check with sports authorities regarding cannabinoid use in their specific sport.