Adidas Towelie Shoes: The Ultimate 4/20 Sneaker

The Dawn of a Dank Collaboration: Adidas Meets South Park

“Chill vibes, iconic style – Adidas Towelie Shoes are not just sneakers; they’re a statement.”


Today we dive into the world of Adidas Towelie Shoes, where iconic sportswear meets the laid-back charm of South Park’s most beloved towel. These kicks aren’t just a pair of shoes; they’re a nod to the chill lifestyle, a perfect blend of style and South Park’s quirky humor, designed to make your 4/20 celebration a bit more ‘lit.’

The Design: Lavender Hues and Comfy Terry

Material and Color: The Adidas Towelie Shoes are draped in cozy French terry cloth, sporting Towelie’s signature lavender hue. It’s like walking on clouds, but cooler.

UV Light Feature: Check this out – the eyes on the Towelie shoes change under UV light! From normal to red-eyed, just like Towelie on his ‘good days.’

MaterialFrench terry cloth
ColorLavender, like Towelie
Special EffectEyes turn red under UV light

Stash Pockets and Catchphrases: The Hidden Gems

  • Stash Pockets: Sneaky little pockets right under the tongue – perfect for… well, you know, ‘4/20 essentials.’
  • Catchphrases: Peek under the tongue, and you’ll find some of Towelie’s iconic lines. It’s like he’s always with you, whispering, “Don’t forget to bring a towel.”

The Adidas Towelie Shoes are more than just a pair of kicks. They’re a tribute to the chill life, a perfect accessory for those who appreciate a laid-back style and a good laugh. So, lace up, and let’s keep the good times rolling.

Adidas Towelie Shoes: A Stoner’s Dream Sneaker

Release Hype: When and Where

Drop Date: Marked for April 20th, 2021 – a date no stoner forgets. This was more than a shoe release; it was a 4/20 event.

Where to Cop: Initially dropped via the Adidas Confirmed app. It’s like a treasure hunt but for sneakers.

Release DateApril 20th, 2021
2th Release DateOctober 6, 2022
Next Release DateUnconfirmed

Restock: Second Chance for the Slowpokes

Restock News: Missed the first drop? I feel you. Adidas gave us a second chance with a restock on October 6, 2022. But since that… No more news.

I reached out to the South Park Shop regarding the Adidas Towelie Shoes, and they informed me that:

“…unfortunately, these shoes are currently out of stock without a confirmed restocking date.”

What a deceptive conversation…

But Stay Alert: Keep an eye on Adidas and sneaker newsletters for these restock alerts.
You snooze, you lose.

Price Tag: What’s the Damage?

Retail Therapy: Originally tagged at $100. A small price for a piece of iconic stoner culture.

Resale Market: Prices soared in the resale market. These kicks turned into collectibles overnight.

Stockx seems to have some left. Or, you can also be lucky on eBay. We never know!

Awaiting a restock, those are going for quite a lot on auction sites, and collectible specialized websites like Farfetch for example.

The Adidas Towelie Shoes weren’t just a release; they were a phenomenon. A perfect fusion of sneaker culture and stoner heritage, these kicks are a must-have for anyone who loves a bit of fun with their fashion.

Adidas Towelie Shoes: More Than Just a Pair of Sneakers

Beyond the Buzz: Adidas Towelie Shoes in Sneaker Culture

“Not just a stoner’s choice – a sneakerhead’s treasure.”

Adidas x Pop Culture: A Series of Epic Collabs

A Legacy of Collaborations: Adidas has a history of epic team-ups, from Star Wars to The Simpsons. But the Towelie shoes? They’re in a league of their own.

Why Towelie Stands Out: It’s not just a shoe; it’s a piece of pop culture. A conversation starter and a collector’s dream.

Star WarsFuturistic designs, iconic themes
The SimpsonsVibrant, playful styles
TowelieUnique 4/20 theme, quirky design

The Towelie Effect: Sneakerheads vs. Stoners

Sneakerheads’ Take: These kicks are more than just wearable; they’re collectible. A must-have for those who love rare finds.

Stoner Appeal: It’s not just about the shoe. It’s about what it represents – a laid-back, fun-loving vibe that resonates with the cannabis community.

The Adidas Towelie Shoes are a testament to Adidas’ genius in blending pop culture with footwear. They’re not just shoes; they’re a statement, a piece of art, and a nod to a subculture that celebrates the chill side of life.


Q: Are the Adidas Towelie Shoes comfortable?
A: Absolutely! They’re as cozy as it gets, perfect for your chill days.

Q: Can anyone buy these shoes?
A: Yep, but they’re hot stuff, so you better hurry!

Q: Will there be more restocks of the Adidas Towelie Shoes?
A: Keep your eyes peeled and ears open – you never know!

Q: How can I make sure I don’t miss the next drop?
A: Stay tuned to Adidas updates and maybe set a reminder. Can’t be too cautious, right?

Q: Are the Adidas Towelie Shoes just for stoners?
A: Not at all! They’re for anyone who appreciates unique design and pop culture.

Q: Will these shoes become a classic?
A: They’re already on their way. Iconic design meets cultural relevance – a recipe for a timeless classic.