Dunder Splifflin Rolling Papers

“Do you think smoking drugs is cool?”

If you answered that question “yes,” but more importantly, know exactly where that quote comes from, then you’re probably a fan of “The Office.” 

And if you’re a fan of the Office, chances are, you’ve smoked your fair share of pot while watching the antics of Michael, Jim, Dwight, and the rest of Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Well, Dunder Mifflin fans, meet Dunder Splifflin. Inc. — the 420 version of the world’s most famous fictional paper company.

If you look at the packaging, you would think they were packed by warehouse foreman Darryl Philbin himself. The classic 1 1/4 rolling papers are stored in a sleek, “Office”-themed casing, with an identical font to the Scranton-based mid-level paper supplier.

The top also contains a quote that might be familiar to hardcore fans — “Limitless Paper in a paperless world,” the exact slogan the Scranton Branch came up with for its scrapped commercial during the Season 3 episode, “Local Ad.”

While “The Office” isn’t necessarily considered a “stoner comedy,” the Season 2 episode “Drug Testing,” which featured its fair share of pot jokes, is amongst the show’s most memorable. After Assistant to the Regional Manager and local volunteer sheriff’s deputy Dwight Schrute finds a half-smoked joint in the parking lot, he sets out to find the perpetrator. But following an unsuccessful series of interrogations, he hires a drug testing agency to analyze the urine of all of the employees in the office. His hero, Michael Scott, then reveals that he “accidentally” smoked a joint at a concert just a few days prior. Dwight is then forced to fall on his sword for his mentor by taking the test for him.

So if any of you are planning on pulling a Michael Scott and hitting up an Alicia Keys concert this 4/20, don’t forget to roll your Northern Lights in some Dunder Splifflin Rolling Papers.

Be warned, however: you might get so baked that you can’t find your own office.

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